Anneta Client Form

Are there colours, materials, etc, that you love or can't stand? Are any of the rooms especially important to you?
I know it's hard to pick just one, and I always aim to accomplish as many as are important to you, but it helps me to focus in on the right things if I know what your top goal is.
Families, groups, young adults, couples, golfers, festival-goers, women/men, the LGBTQIA community, LA weekend getaways, people with kids, pet friendly, general appeal...something else?
Your design plans and other design information will be provided to Anneta, and any communications for non-hourly services will go through Anneta. My goal is to create a thoughtful, widely appealing design that suits the style of the property, budget and timeline. I am always delighted to take your personal style into consideration, though the extent to which I can accommodate individualized design is limited within the package pricing. If you are interested in being personally involved in the design process, or in having a design plan that is carefully tailored to your personal preferences rather than a broader focus on general appeal, hourly services may be a better fit for you. If that's the case, please make a note in your comments and Anna or I will get in touch to talk further.