Okay, I’m interested, what does the process look like? 

We will book a time to chat in person (or on the phone/video chat for remote clients) and I will send you my intake form and design style quiz (if relevant) to help me get to know you better.

If you’ve booked a consult, we will walk through your home and chat, usually for 45-90 minutes. I may measure, or move some things around with you. Within 2-7 days, you’ll have an email from me with room-by-room suggestions, links, and inspiration. You’re welcome to follow up with me if you need clarification, and I love seeing progress photos!

If you’ve booked an hourly service (such as my hands-on help redecorating) we will meet to chat, look at the relevant spaces and make a plan for the project. You’ll have frequent communication from me and you can be as involved as you like. Usually, I start out working very closely with a client on each decision, and as I get to know you better, and as you start to trust me more, I’ll narrow options down and you’ll have fewer choices to wade through.

What hours and days do you work?

All of them! I’ve been known to message with clients late in the evening, book evening or weekend consults, or have a midday meeting with a stay-at-home parent and their kids. I value being flexible for both my clients and for my own family. 

I’m thinking about redoing my living room, how many hours does that take?

Redecorating a medium sized living room, frequently takes 10-24 hours, though it can vary widely outside the average depending each client’s needs. Some factors that will influence billable hours are: 
  • Budget – Budgets that are very small, or quite large, generally take a little more time.
  • Client Involvement – The more involved you’d like to be in decision making, or if you’d like to explore various options or shop together, the longer it will take. Conversely, if you’re happy to do the legwork such as picking up items, assembling furniture, or installing shelves or art, the fewer billable hours there will be. 
  • Shopping – Sourcing vintage or antique goods may take extra time, however it’s sometimes balanced out by lower cost per item.
  • How many things need to be purchased. Do you have an empty room, or do you already have all your furniture and just need some help with layout and decor.

My house is a mess! Should I tidy before you come?

No. I want to see your home in its usual state. If it’s normally tidy, go ahead and clean up if you prefer, but if messy is your normal, leave it! Part of good design is solving issues of mess, and purging unneeded or unloved items. You can always count on zero judgement and absolute confidentiality from me.

I hate shopping, will you do it for me?

Yes! Whatever you need to make your space amazing, I’ve got you covered. We can even shop together if you’d like!

I’m not brave enough to let someone else decide how my home should look, but I really need help. What are my options?

I’m not brave enough for that either — I like to have my finger in everything! I’m always in awe of my clients who trust me enough to surprise them! You can be as involved as you’d like and you are always in control. My main goal is for you to LOVE your space, and I will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Can you help even though we have untidy kids and two big dogs?

Yes! I can help you create organizational systems, purge excess, or put kid-clutter behind cabinet doors. Whatever you’re working with — we can create function and beauty from it!

I don’t have time to decorate. Can I just tell you my ideas and leave you to it? 

You bet. Whether you don’t have time, or just don’t enjoy it, I can help. I’ll make sure to have a good handle on your style and vision, and then I’ll run with it. You can have your very own surprise before and after moment, if you want, just like on TV!

I don’t really know what I want, will you be able to help me?

I frequently work with people who don’t know what they need or want. I will work with you to develop a vision for your space. My design style quiz is a good start. We can also sit together and flip through design magazines and books, or we can start a joint Pinterest board. Collaboration fuels good design! 

Do I need to get my whole house decorated at once?

Definitely not. I work on any size project from a single command centre to an entire house. 

Can you give me an exact quote up front?

To ensure you get the best possible value, I do not generally offer exact quotes. I can give you a good ballpark number and we can discuss the cost of similar projects, and I will always respect your budget. If we write a number in stone ahead of time, it will have contingencies built in, which may or may not be needed. Charging you hourly allows me to split shopping time amongst clients when possible. For example, if multiple clients need something from the hardware store, I combine it into one trip and split the billing, making it more cost effective for you. So, while we can certainly set a budget, and I can give you a good idea of what numbers to expect, I do not usually offer precise and final numbers up front.

Do you mark up furniture or other items?

No. Although markups are common practice in the industry, I do not mark anything up. If I receive a designer discount, I pass it onto you. If I find an amazing deal, I pass it onto you. You are welcome to any receipts or purchase orders at any time. I highly value giving my clients the best possible deals, no matter their budget.

What is the minimum amount required to get started?

My DIY consults offer options to work with what you have, suggestions for future purchases or improvements, and my personal availability for follow up questions as you go. This service starts at $200 and if you decide you’d like more help in the future, we can book hourly services as needed. If you’re looking for hourly help for shopping etc, my minimum charge is $150, or 5 hours. We can do a LOT in a small amount of time, and making some progress usually inspires clients and gives them momentum if they’ve been feeling stuck.

How does billing work?

I will send you an invoice either at the end of the project, or every few weeks. I’ll also ask if you’d like your receipts and either drop them off or mail them to you.

Email money transfer is my preferred method of payment, and both cheque or cash are fine as well. I do accept credit card as well, but charge a 3.5% fee to cover the processing fee.

What if I don’t like what you do? Will I lose my money?

My number one priority is for you to LOVE your space. I communicate extensively throughout the process, and really get to know my clients to prevent this problem. I’ve never finished a space and had a client unhappy. If something doesn’t go as planned, I will make it right.

I can’t afford to buy new furniture or art. Will your services still be useful?

Yes! I love working with what people already have. I can also map out a future plan for you to implement as you go. I also frequently work with clients who prefer to buy used items for various reasons and I love sourcing good deals, no matter what my client’s budget is.

I’m planning to sell my house. Does staging really make a difference?

Absolutely! First impressions matter — most potential buyers make a judgement about a property within just a few seconds! A well staged home helps potential buyers envision how they’ll use the space and shows that the home has been well cared for. If you’d like to read some incredible stats on staging, click HERE for a great infographic round-up.

Do you rent furniture?


Maybe one day! I don’t currently have warehouse space, but I can help you find inexpensive pieces, or rentals from local companies!

What’s the turnaround time for staging?

I understand that my staging clients are usually under time pressure and I leave room in my schedule for last minute staging consults. I will have your staging notes to you within 24-48 hours, though frequently they’re sent out on the same day. If you need hourly, hands-on help with staging, I will do my best to make it happen even if there isn’t much time.

If you tell me what you need, I will do everything I can to make it happen.

I live in BC, can you help me give my bedroom a makeover, even though you’re not based here?

Yes! I offer virtual consults, and will travel for clients. 

Can you help with renos?

Yes! Working closely with a good contractor (yours or mine) can lead to beautiful results! I can help pick finishes, paint, and more.

Do you do only residential work?

If you have a space you want to make amazing, I can handle it. Previously, I specialized in retail merchandising, and still really enjoy it. I’ve helped with trade fair booths and a kindergarten remodel, for example. Whatever job you need help with, I’m confident we can make it amazing.


More questions? Ready to book a consult? Fill out a contact form and I’ll be in touch!