I’m thinking about redoing my living room, how many hours will that take?

Redecorating a medium sized living room, frequently takes 8-15 hours ($30/h), though it can vary widely outside the average depending each client’s needs. Some factors that will influence billable hours are: 
  • Budget – Budgets that are very small, or quite large, generally take a little more time.
  • Client Involvement – The more involved you’d like to be in decision making, or if you’d like to explore various options or shop together, the longer it will take. Conversely, if you’re happy to do the legwork such as picking up items, assembling furniture, or installing shelves or art, the fewer billable hours there will be. 
  • Shopping – Sourcing vintage or antique goods may take extra time, however it’s sometimes balanced out by lower cost per item.

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