Okay, I’m interested, what does the process look like?

We will book a time to chat in person (or on the phone/video chat for remote clients) and I will send you my intake form and design style quiz (if relevant) to help me get to know you better.

If you’ve booked a consult, we will walk through your home and chat, usually for 45-90 minutes. I may measure, or move some things around with you. Within 2-7 days, you’ll have an email from me with room-by-room suggestions, links, and inspiration. You’re welcome to follow up with me if you need clarification, and I love seeing progress photos! 

If you’ve booked an hourly service (such as my hands-on help redecorating) we will meet to chat, look at the relevant spaces and make a plan for the project. You’ll have frequent communication from me and you can be as involved as you like. Usually, I start out working very closely with a client on each decision, and as I get to know you better, and as you start to trust me more, I’ll narrow options down and you’ll have fewer choices to wade through.

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