SOLD! Staging Before + After

SOLD! Staging Before + After

These photos really speak for themselves. When I arrived, this family was in the middle of packing for a big move. “K” was incredibly motivated to have her home ready to list as quickly as possible and to sell immediately after listing. I’ve never seen a client work as hard as she did, as quickly as she did. She cleaned from top to bottom, replaced art, shopped for new linens and accessories, repainted her deck and front porch, had windows and grout cleaned, made repairs, removed over half of everything they owned and so much more. We spent lots of time texting back and forth to pick the right pieces at the right price, and I was blown away when I returned to see what she had done. She took every single suggestion and implemented it.

Within two weeks, she had accomplished an unbelievable amount of work and had her home listed. They had 3 offers on the first day on market and sold by the end of the weekend! 

Scroll away to see the fruit of her labour!


Removing the buffet, door mat and extra chairs made the room feel much bigger. Art was added on an empty wall to make the space feel cozy and finished.


The kid’s bedroom was previously set up for co-sleeping siblings. Removing one bed and rearranging the furniture made it more visually appealing and easier for buyers to envision how they might use the space.
New bedding and covering up the boxspring, large art above the headboard and a styled dresser pull the space together, making it feel welcoming
A repainted porch & front door look fresh and make for a good first impression. Hanging flower baskets, evergreen planters and colourful cushions on the bistro set brighten up the house and break up the yellow exterior.


All clutter and extra items were removed from the room. Lighter curtains replaced the old, dark curtains. Furniture was left in place to help buyers visualize how they could use the space.